Emma's Swiss Life
Emma 的瑞士生活
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回家的路The way home~

我將過去這一年德國的生活, 以個人的角度寫成一篇英文短詩, 跟大家分享.   


The way home - English poem by Emma  


The way home was over four hours drive. 
I saw the burning sun fallen from the sky, 
And the Lake Zurich sparkled white in the moonlight.  


One year work experience in southern Germany widened my eyes. 
The best drink was Weissbier (white beer) cold as ice. 
Bayrish said Prost (cheers) to you with a big smile.  


Switzerland and Germany are neighbours, 
But their cultures are surprislinly diverse, 
Not to say, the speaking languages are ganz anders (quite different) 


Knowing little of the language kept me as an outsider. 
I cried out loud and tried to be stronger, 
But could only cheer myself up by Ich werde besser (I’ll be better) 


Survival without the language required ultimate courage. 
Forgetting new words was faster than absorbing for my age. 
Quit on learning wouldn’t make my life a change.  


Issues on housing made me depressed. 
Running laundry was not accepted, 
And rusty water pipe wouldn’t be repaired. 
To save energy, apartment heating was carefully controlled by landlord. 
In many dark nights, I woke up in the cold.    


As time passed by, I said goodbye to Germany. 
In the past one year life, I enjoyed its beauty, 
And full-heartedly thanked everyone who kindly helped me.  


The way home was rather short. 
My instinct drove me to the place of comfort, 
Where the red-square flag with big white-crosses on, 
And where my heart named it - Home.